You’ve got big ideas… it’s time to launch them with ease!

Are you planning to launch something this fall?

  • A podcast?
  • A group coaching program?
  • A book?
  • A course, class, or live event?

Fall is one of the best times to launch an information product that leverages your expertise and creates successful outcomes for others.

The weather is cooler, vacations are behind us, and the nostalgic rush of “back to school” compels people to wonder… to think… to hope… and ultimately– with your help!– to believe in their own potential.

Yes, but… it’s SUMMER

I see you looking at the calendar and asking WHY I dare mention a fall launch to you before you’ve even BEEN to the beach.

Here’s why:

There’s a good chance that when Fall comes, you aren’t going to launch your offering.

Why? Because a typical launch is STRESSFUL.

There’s so much content to create, you feel like you are endlessly nagging people to pay attention, and it’s very, very easy to decide to just do it later.

I don’t want you to do it later! It’s important for you, and the people you serve! They need your help, and you need a win.

Instead: Let’s do it THIS FALL, but with way, way more ease.

(Don’t worry, I’ll show you how.)

Join Me for Easy Launch July 11, 12, and 13 from 1-2pm ET

Join me for three lunch dates in a row and learn how to launch your product or program with ease!

In our time together you will learn:

  • How lead time creates ease that translates into sales
  • How to choose what to launch and devise the best way to launch it
  • How to create content that prepares people to pay attention (no nagging required)
  • How to activate (and build!) your network in authentic, mutually beneficial ways
  • Exactly what to say and exactly when to say it to create a clean, easy launch where the right people say yes, and you feel good the whole time

(Note: All three sessions will be recorded and made available right here in your Easy Launch account for replay)

Get Ahead of The Frenzy

An easy launch is a big promise… launching is one of the most universally stressful experiences in entrepreneurship.

The Easy Launch method works because we get ahead of the frantic frenzy and begin (in small, consistent ways) to build awareness, trust, and desire early and often.

It does not require a big lift this summer, but this early effort will have an outsized impact this fall when it’s time to launch.

That is why this 3-day workshop is in July, even though your launch date will be sometime between September 15 and October 15.

Curious? Hopeful?

Great. Join me!


Bonus, Pre-class Activity: What Are We Launching?

  • What is a launch?
  • Why launch? (vs. evergreen products/services)
  • What are YOU launching?

Tuesday, July 11, 1-2 PM ET: Launch Sequence

  • W´╗┐hat goes into an easy launch?
  • Powerful, early decisions that create ease in your launch
  • How to activate your network to support your launch

Wednesday, July 12, 1-2 PM ET: Preparing Your Audience

  • To whom are we launching?
  • Exactly what to say, and exactly when to say it (Content calendars!)
  • Collecting and nurturing interest through ongoing content

Thursday, July 13, 1-2 PM ET: Creating Your Launch Plan

  • Kinds of launches
  • Creating your launch plan
  • Questions and Answers