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Have you ever been doing your Great Work, making progress, feeling good, and then…

A sneaky thought creeps in and causes you to stumble.


  • “What is my Great Work, though, really?”
  • “Is this even the right Great Work for me?”
  • “Who am I to do this work at all, let alone call it Great with a capital G!?!”
  • “Does any of this really matter anyway?”

Before you know it, the siren calls of procrastination, perfectionism, and burnout

(or as I like to call them, the three horsemen of the goalpacalypse!)

bring your progress to a standstill.

When I meet with a client who is stuck on the sidelines, confused and uncertain, and stalled with their Great Work, I know that they need to recharge their Catalyzing Vision.

You remember the Catalyzing Vision, right?

It sits at the top of your productivity pyramid, motivating you towards aligned action in the next 90 days, this week, and today.

A Catalyzing Vision

  • Draws you into action like a magnet, inspiring possibility, potential, and adventure. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I’m here for!
  • Allows you to persevere when you become uncertain or overwhelmed. This is critical because Great Work will always become uncertain and overwhelming. It’s simply part of the nature of Great Work.
  • Operates as the great filter, prompting you to say “no” to things that would distract you while allowing you to recognize those opportunities that get you closer to your Great Work.

When our vision becomes unclear (what do I want?) or starts to lose its emotional charge (is it really worth all this effort?), it becomes harder to stay focused in the face of frustration and uncertainty, the great filter stops working, and your to-do list becomes clogged with the distractions of “Why not?” and “I guess so.”

Let’s recharge your vision together on August 23rd at 1pm!

Join me for a live, 90-minute vision workshop and recharge your vision just in time for Fall!

Together we will explore the two components of a catalyzing vision:

  1. Who do you hope to become?
  2. What do you hope to accomplish?

And, best of all, you won’t be asking these questions alone, because this workshop is a Social Visioning Workshop!

Tap into the Magic of Social Visioning!

There’s magic that happens when we cast our Catalyzing Vision with other people.

The magic of Social Visioning comes from being:

😍 Seen. Naming our hopes, dreams, and aspirations out loud to another person is a powerful experience. Being witnessed like this– all by itself– can turbocharge your vision.

😍 Believed. Sometimes we say, “I am going to write a book,” but a Greek Chorus is running in the background of our mind saying, “maybe. someday. if i can. maybe i can’t. we’ll see. maybe. someday.” That voice is silenced when another person says, “Yeah, you are!” or “I can’t wait to read it.” or “That’s a much-needed book, and you are the perfect person to write it.” When validated, vindicated, and BELIEVED, we are no longer solely responsible for believing in ourselves. Other people know, and they believe, too!

😍 Amplified. Our biggest vision for ourselves is sometimes compressed by our “rational” instincts to be “reasonable.” However, when we do visioning exercises with other people, they can help us recognize that we are playing a smaller game. With their help, we can discover juicier dreams, imagine bigger outcomes, and believe harder in them.

In these ways, social visioning amplifies your vision, making it even more powerful!

Join me on August 23rd at 1PM for a 90-minute Social Visioning workshop!

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