Introduction to the Great Work Method!

The Great Work Method is a whole-person, time management system that will keep you moving forward on your Great Work without ever feeling overwhelmed.

When you think about managing your time, meeting deadlines, accomplishing goals, and avoiding distractions, are you haunted by questions like these?

  • Why am I always procrastinating?
  • How can I do all of this without burning out again?
  • Why is it so hard to make progress on the things I want to do?
  • What if I’m just lazy?

You are not alone.

A lot of people struggle with time management and goal setting. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle to stay focused and make progress. Other times, it can feel like no matter how much you get done, you aren’t really making progress on what matters to you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The Great Work Method helps you to meet your deadlines, eliminate distractions, and delegate everything you can by taking you through a simple, repeatable process:

  1. Setting 90-day goals based on what you want for your business, career, and life. Not your boss, your partner, your mother, or your children. YOU.
  2. Setting three realistic, weekly tasks that will align your time to your 90-day goals. The weekly check-in also supports you in saying no, creating balance, and developing a deep sense of gratitude for your life, just as it is.
  3. Choosing three daily to-dos that will get you closer to your goal, today. This daily practice keeps you moving forward without ever feeling overwhelmed, ashamed, or behind.

The Great Work Method is anchored in research-based time management strategies such as gratitude, prioritization, self-compassion, delegation, energy management, and mental contrasting (among others).

This FREE introductory course will guide you through every step, showing you how to set up your 90-day goals, your weeks, and your days.

With free sample pages of the Great Work Journal, you can even get started while you wait for your journal to arrive!